frequently asked questions

What We Sell

Wooten & Wooten's catalogue sales include a variety of fine art, antiques and decorative objects. We produce a full color catalogue featuring descriptions of each object, which are mailed around the world. This allows us to spotlight your objects both in the gallery, online and in our publication.

How To Schedule An Estate Walk Through

We are glad to preform a pre-auction evaluation of your estate or property. It is best to contact us via email, or over the phone to set up your personal evaluation as soon as possible in order to meet deadlines. We are also able to give free object evaluation via our website through the link,"Free Auction Evaluation" found on the home page. It is important to note that when considering selling a large collection / estate it is best to preform an on site evaluation.

Estate and Object Pickup

Handling your property with safety and care is one of the most important aspects of selling with Wooten & Wooten. We have the experience and skill needed to safely handle and transport your property in the sale process. We are able to handle as much or as little in logistics needed, from your estate to our warehouse.